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GO here to buy shirts! then Personalize them! Call me if you have a design in your mind!!1-386-437-5016!!

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T-shirt business combined with FEMA. yeah, thats the ticket.

Well I came back to this blog to start posting again because I have decided to start a new business. I’m going to start a T-shirt business! See, a few weeks ago my brother called to say he was starting his own business. Whenever I hear of someone going into their own business, I get excited. I started thinking about the money I used to make in the cleaning business. I thought about how much I enjoyed being in big fancy houses in a quiet suburban neighborhoods while getting paid and exercising to boot. One thing about cleaning houses was that if I did it myself and the homeowner was absent, the quietness really eased my stress. However, there are many things about this business that I didn’t like. There was no opportunity for creativity, it was a low status business, you couldn’t grow unless you hired people, and you can’t move from town to town, or start and stop this business very easily.

It’s been forever since I wanted to start a business involving creativity and searching around on the web I discovered personalized products and then, the T-shirt printing business in particular. It’s been many years since I’ve had an interest in this business and I figured now was as good a time as any. In the past two weeks i have soaked up information about printing T-shirts, but I’ve come to realize that without good SEO skills are the most important part of starting an online business. And the most important part of SEO is creating quality content. So I fired up the Dragon NaturallySpeaking and started to dictate this blog post.

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New Business I am excited about!!

i have decided to start a T-shirt business. have been doing a lot of research and i would love it, and it is also easy and can be moved to anywhere in the country.

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rick perry is an idiot


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Click below for pics from christmas 2010

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Van Travel Checklist

a. download free videos to watch in van

b. buy monthly pillbox

c. get camera batteries ready to take photos

d. find computer lock

e. investigate batteries for microwave, heater, in van


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javascript gains in usage see nptelhrd!!!

there are certain objects I learned about today. The history object has methods called forward() and backward(). the form object has a method called submit(). the window object has closed(). Way cool!!

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Other Mind Blowing things I Learned

1. WPF is a way to write code that works both on a web page AND a form. without any revisions.
2. CRM admin interfaces very similar to Sharepoint.
3. Dataset is disconnected, while DataReader is not. Also, you need a DataTable to present the data to the GUI, (Gridview).
4. You must combine a Gridview with another GUI (Detailsview is the one i used) if you want to be able to Edit the data thats presented on the webPage
5. Csharpcorner? or Csharp University? has a great page on how to connect a textbox to the database. (it involves some wierd characters like <%)
6. javascript is gaining new popularity what with AJAX, and now JQuery coming on the scene. (client heavy and server heavy)
7. a .js file can be a place where you put the javascript code. like a separate Css file.

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Got home at 1pm, 4 hrs & 20 mins later. i know how to Copy the DB!!!! In the same server!!! without using the Copy Database Wizard!!!

Well, here it is. you have to use Backup and restore bec the Copy Database wizard does not exist on Sql Server Express.
This link gave me a clue.

However i tried this about 3 or 4 times before i got it right.
i will try again with Adventureworks. i did it! heres how, you must backup as usual, But when it is time to Restore, put in a different name for the Database!!

Again, in the same place, right click, all tasks, backup, backup to
a file. Now in the same place again, choose Restore from the all tasks
menu, the default is to show backups of the currently highlighted
database, which is what you want, at the top of this dialog, type in a
different name for “restore as database…”.

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